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Hello everyone and welcome to 2024! To start the year off on the right foot - See attached the first draft of our Canberra Young Professionals “2024 Guide to Canberra”. The idea behind the document, is to provide a really simple guide highlighting just a few of the things that our community does well.

We cover off a few different communities where you can meet people and highlight some of the helpful services / great spots in Canberra, that might help you settle in.

If you haven't come to one of our event's before, we'll be holding our first event in Feb 2024 (details to be announced soon)! Keep an eye on our socials and subscribe to our mailing list to keep in the loop for everything Canberra.

If you are reading this guide and think people would benefit knowing about a particular community or tip – Please email and I will include it within the next version!

Canberra Young Professionals - 2024 Guide to Canberra
Download PDF • 5.50MB

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